Monday, January 28, 2013

January 26, 2013

What a rush! My coronation came around so soon, I feel like yesterday I was crowned in that Prineville arena and here I am being officially crowned in front of friends and family. My first announcement as Miss NPRA came on the 25th in Madras at the Wild Horse Race Finals rodeo where I tested out the heat in my new-to-me trailer (it worked by the way!) as it rained. Luckily the rodeo was held in an indoor arena so the trophy Miss NPRA Saddle and all the tack didn't get too dirty before bringing it to display at my coronation.

I stayed up most of the night cleaning tack and organizing the final touches for my coronation the following evening. The morning rolled by too fast though, as we packed up three car loads of auction items and two large plastic totes of awards to display and hauled it to the Bend Elks Lodge where the event would be held. I managed to recruit my brother for folding napkins the fancy way and my dad arranged the tables with Hershey's Kisses (it was adorable :)). I had so much help making my fundraiser successful including 102.9 KSJJ, the local radio station, advertising my event to the public. Also a huge thank you to "Phatt Matt" from 102.9 for being my emcee for the evening. Dennis Turman graciously donated his time to be my auctioneer, and businesses around town loaned me a few things to make the place sparkle! The Bend Elks Lodge made the most delicious chicken dinner where you got at least half a chicken thrown on your plate. I'm almost sad I wasn't able to finish it all before I was up on stage speaking.

As the evening concluded, the 2012 Miss NPRA Emily officially handed me the crown and the new NPRA Vice President John welcomed me to the NPRA. However, we weren't done celebrating so Dave from Star Productions started up the music and the dance began! My brother had to start the Gangnam Style dance but we got an extremely large group out there on the floor. The highlight of dancers was my friend Cody whom I had auctioned off for labor earlier in the evening. I couldn't ask for better friends to help me along the way.

Thank you again to the NPRA, I am so proud to be representing the largest regional rodeo association in the United States!

Sara Marcus
2013 Miss NPRA

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