Monday, August 5, 2013

July 31-August 3, 2013

It's safe to say that I've had one heck of a weekend! I headed over to Redmond for the Deschutes County Fair and Rodeo with my trusty steed, Jigsaw, as I normally would for a rodeo. I talked, goofed around a little bit, warmed up my horse, and then told a few jokes while we were waiting for the rodeo to start. The pre-show activities were heartbreaking to watch as they honored a few local rodeo folks like Diana Corey. During the grand entry on Wednesday, Jigsaw began limping halfway around the arena. So I had to hop off and walk him out to change my saddle over to my backup horse(who was coincidentally also in the grand entry) before running into the arena to push cows with Queen Jessie! I don't think it would have been possible to make the change so fast without the help of TJ and Doug, and of course my parents for taking Jigsaw back to the trailer. Other than that, the rodeo was fun, I had a chance to practice riding on a horse that I don't usually ride.

The next morning we loaded up my backup horse, Boots, to head over to Corvallis for the Benton County Fair and Rodeo. Unfortunately, Boots doesn't enjoy backing out of trailers...and there's no other way out of mine. She ended up rearing and bonking her head on the ceiling and cutting her head open. I didn't even notice until I went to put her headstall on and realized under her forelock was a lot of blood. My mom began removing all of my tack as I ran all the way across the parking lot to the arena in my chaps, asking everyone with a horse if I could borrow it for the grand entry. Sarah from the drill team let me jump on her incredibly tall Palomino. Now, anyone who has seen Miss Rodeo Oregon, Nicole Schrock, and myself at a rodeo would know that my horse is a black and white paint. Nicole's horse is a Palomino. Her Palomino was injured as well so she is now riding a paint...and I was riding a palomino. Oh how the tables have turned. Just a funny thought. Although it was a little odd during the opening ceremonies to hear hoof beats and whistling behind me as we're all out there. I turned around, and there's a huge, beautiful, strong blue roan loping around behind us! The horse was named "Big John" in honor of John Hammack, a local firefighter from my area, who had passed that day felling a tree. Once they cleared "Big John" from the arena, the Benton County Fair and Rodeo Queen Alyssa, Nicole, and I jumped off (horses still in motion) onto a tiny golf cart to rush over to meet Thompson Square. I probably could have run faster than we were driving, but it was funny all the same! We were too late to meet them, so we turned around and headed back to the rodeo where I walked back to my trailer to take Boots home.

THEN I drove back over to Redmond where I had planned to borrow another drill team horse for the rodeo, but it so happened that Rim Rock Riders Queen Justine had her dad's two extra horses with them and they were both saddled and ready to go. So a huge thank you goes out to TJ for letting me borrow Annie at the last minute! Probably one of the coolest borrowed mounts I've had in a long time. I also borrowed her Saturday where I sang the National Anthem to a packed grandstand. I must brag a little bit about Annie though, she was such a talented horse that one of the judges approached me and complimented my riding! So again, thank you TJ and thank you Annie for making me look good!

Also for anyone who may be concerned about Jigsaw, he will be fine in a couple months. He pulled a tendon in his knee and just requires some down time.

Until next time,
Sara Marcus
2013 Miss NPRA

Monday, July 29, 2013

July 26-28, 2013

Happy Birthday to me! I spent my 21st birthday weekend doing what I love, traveling. I started out in Madras on Friday with the Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo Queen Lindsay and Princess Maddie. I've always loved that little arena! I was eventually talked into running my first donkey race with Kayla, a past Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo Queen, through very little persuasion. I picked out a small, calm looking donkey who seemed like he would go. We both walked in there, Kayla jumped on, and I began towing a donkey that no longer had any desire to move. But we managed to get to the other side first (while I almost got kicked in the face by another donkey)and we were doing great! I hopped on and began kicking and pushing while Kayla ran behind us and pushed him from the rear. Technically, you're not supposed to lead your donkey back, but everyone else did. So technically...we won! In last place.

The next morning, we headed out to Shelton, Washington early for what I thought was a sponsor barbeque. It was...but it was also a surprise birthday party thrown by Julie and Mozell, Miss Teen Rodeo Washington, Beth's, mother, which was a huge surprise for me. Pick up man Glenn couldn't wait for cake once he saw it though and started singing happy birthday before we had even lit the candles for me to blow them out! We had a little tour around the fair and found a pretty cool booth with pink tasers. They were pretty loud and I had the other queens convinced that they were powerful enough to zap you across a room. One day I'll have to go through that training though...yay! Once we got around to rodeo time, I was finally able to sing the National Anthem without the microphone giving out. And while the rodeo was going, I met a young man in the ARMY who told me all about why he misses Missouri and why he doesn't like Washington. His face was pretty funny when I told him I'm not from Washington either :) My coordinator took me out after for a celebratory dinner at Denny's where her granddaughter was convinced that a police officer was my boyfriend (oh goody). She even walked right up and asked them if I was...turned out to be an interesting night.

The next morning we drove over to Long Beach for their rodeo where they didn't have a host queen. I managed to convince Terri Jo, the Tillamook Rodeo Queen, to push cattle with me that day and we spent the whole time in the arena laughing! Everyone was so welcoming in Washington, thank you everyone for such an amazing weekend for my birthday!

Until next time,
Sara Marcus
2013 Miss NPRA

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fourth of July weekend!

I made the short trip over to Prineville for the Fourth of July parade. I decided to borrow my coordinator's horse, Boots, since she's right in the area and, I must say, Boots was an awesome parade horse! As it turns out, I was also the only horse entry in the entire parade. As for the rest of the weekend, I headed down to La Pine on Friday in time for "The Biggest Little Show In Oregon" and had a lot of fun with Queen Alex pushing some difficult cows.

Early Saturday morning my Mom and I drove up to Vancouver, Washington. It turns out there was a lot more traffic on a Saturday than I'd ever thought possible. Luckily, I didn't have to drive through any major towns. Queen Brittney and I also had some difficult cows to push to the out gate. One started running back down the arena and poor Jigsaw could barely keep up. Then the announcer played "Run Forest, Run!" over the speakers and the crowd had a good laugh. All in all it was an amazing weekend to spend with the family and to spend doing my favorite thing, Rodeo!!

Until next time,
Sara Marcus
2013 Miss NPRA

Monday, April 15, 2013

April 14, 2013

I made the extremely short trip to La Pine for Queen Alex's coronation this weekend, and had a lot of fun. Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone and his family were there along with "Phatt Matt" from 102.9 who was also Alex's emcee for the evening. I was surprised at the applause when I introduced myself, but the people in La Pine have always been so welcoming and kind.

I helped with the auction and almost convinced myself to buy a set of luggage that I really didn't need...but it was just so pretty! It doesn't seem as if a year has gone by, but I watched as the 2012 La Pine Rodeo Queen Mikaela handed her title to Alex. Mikaela and I made some fantastic memories last year, but I will have some great memories with both of them this year as we travel the rodeo road ahead. Congratulations Alex! I look forward to heading back to the friendly town of La Pine 4th of July weekend for the "Biggest Little Show In Oregon!"

Sara Marcus
2013 Miss NPRA

Monday, April 8, 2013

April 6, 2013

I am back in Prineville, the cowboy capitol of Oregon to see Mikaela receive her crown as the 2013 Crooked River Roundup Queen. It seems like I was only here last week competing for the title of Miss NPRA with Mikaela and her family cheering me on. There were some celebrities in the crowd with R.L. Garrigus and Matt Gansle from the local radio station 102.9 KSJJ, and Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone with his family. R.L. turned out to be the emcee (ironic considering Matt was my emcee for my coronation) and kept the crowd lively with his amazing personality.

Mikaela gathered some amazing auction items for her fundraiser including a beautiful leather tooled briefcase with art from Dyrk Godby! Along with the coronation, the grand marshal, Jerry, was introduced and were given a buckle and jacket for their contribution to the roundup. Then came the auction where I watched that beautiful briefcase auctioned off to it's lucky new owner. Deschutes County Fair and Rodeo Queen Jessie helped me carry a huge grill pan, which is harder than it looks in a leather dress.

Afterward, the visiting royalty and I changed into more comfortable jeans for the dance. I taught all the girls how to line dance and Dean (one of the rodeo directors) played a video of me doing the Hoedown Throwdown last year at the sponsor walk-around as the Sisters Rodeo Queen. So, obviously, I had to do it again live.

I want to extend my gratitude to the Crooked River Roundup board and everyone involved for making me feel so welcome whenever I visit Prineville. I will always hold a special place in my heart for the people and the rodeo. Congratulations to Mikaela, we'll be looking forward to yet another fantastic year at the 68th Crooked River Roundup!

Sara Marcus
2013 Miss NPRA

Monday, March 18, 2013

March 16, 2013

This weekend I headed over to Albany for the 2013 Miss Rodeo Oregon Coronation. It turned out to be an excellent choice to wear my orange dress because it was Oregon Beavers versus Ducks themed. Not that I'm choosing an alliance in any way, shape, or form ;) Nicole looked absolutely stunning in her new dress, as did Shelby, the 2012 Miss Rodeo Oregon, as they mingled in the crowd. I helped sell raffle tickets with Jessie, the Deschutes County Fair and Rodeo Queen, before we made our way to the buffet table. I again saw my friend Shalaina as well as every rodeo queen there to support Nicole in her endeavors, and I always remember how much rodeo is always based on friends and family.

Nicole's auction went off without a hitch, but somehow Katie, Jr. Miss Rodeo Oregon, and I were the ones designated to carry the heaviest object of the night to center stage. Luckily, some stronger gentlemen ran up to carry it back. We were then introduced by the NPRA Announcer of the Year, Scott Allen, as we were escorted up the aisle to witness Shelby officially crowning Nicole.

And at the end of the evening Nicole also hosted a dance, except she had teachers there to teach all the line dances. I learned how to do the horseshoe, and later that evening I learned a new definition to the can opener! Everyone had a lot of fun despite how hot it was in the building. Thank you Nicole for a fantastic evening, and I am so excited to see you around at rodeos!

Sara Marcus
2013 Miss NPRA

Monday, March 4, 2013

March 2, 2013

I made the drive over to Morrow County this weekend for the Morrow County Fair and Oregon Trail Pro Rodeo coronation for Krysten. I'd never seen the rodeo grounds there before, but I'm already looking forward to rodeo time! One thing I'll definitely take away with me this weekend? Desert! So much desert that I don't even know if I can eat it all. Sylvia did a wonderful job cooking for the whole crowd. Her daughter Lily, the Oregon High School Rodeo Queen, kept trying to convince me to bid on the shop vac in the silent auction, but I bought a strawberry cheesecake instead :)

Krysten had a good turnout of family and friends and was smiling ear to ear as they officially gave her the crown for the year. The drive home was too long for us to leave after the coronation, so we stayed with Sylvia and her family with Lindsey, the 2013 Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo Queen, where I've never laughed so hard in my life! And I definitely haven't stayed up that late in a long time. Thank you Sylvia and Krysten for including me in your evening and congratulations Krysten, I hope to see you lots this year!

Sara Marcus
2013 Miss NPRA

Monday, February 11, 2013

February 9, 2013

For one of the shorter trips of the year, I headed over to Madras for the Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo Court Coronation. Jessie, 2013 Deschutes County Fair and Rodeo Queen, handed her crown as the 2012 Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo Queen to the 2012 Princess, Lindsay, and the title of Princess was now on the hat of Maddie. Mackenzie Carr, 2011 Miss Rodeo Oregon and 2012 Miss Rodeo America, joined us for the evening as the emcee and eventually she bought a Dyrk Godby designed leather belt.

Along with the festivities, I was able to take part in the Mr. Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo competition as the judge of horsemanship. No worries! We only gave them stick horses to ride around on. For those who aren't sure of what this competition entails, it has nothing to do with actual judging. It's based on their performance and the crowd selects the winner by putting money in the hat of the cowboy they want to win. It was pretty entertaining! But it always reminds me how wonderful our friends can be.

I congratulate Lindsay, as a long time friend of mine, on attaining the title of Queen, as well as Princess Maddie. You two will have so much fun traveling together, and I will see everyone down the rodeo road!

Sara Marcus
2013 Miss NPRA

Monday, January 28, 2013

January 26, 2013

What a rush! My coronation came around so soon, I feel like yesterday I was crowned in that Prineville arena and here I am being officially crowned in front of friends and family. My first announcement as Miss NPRA came on the 25th in Madras at the Wild Horse Race Finals rodeo where I tested out the heat in my new-to-me trailer (it worked by the way!) as it rained. Luckily the rodeo was held in an indoor arena so the trophy Miss NPRA Saddle and all the tack didn't get too dirty before bringing it to display at my coronation.

I stayed up most of the night cleaning tack and organizing the final touches for my coronation the following evening. The morning rolled by too fast though, as we packed up three car loads of auction items and two large plastic totes of awards to display and hauled it to the Bend Elks Lodge where the event would be held. I managed to recruit my brother for folding napkins the fancy way and my dad arranged the tables with Hershey's Kisses (it was adorable :)). I had so much help making my fundraiser successful including 102.9 KSJJ, the local radio station, advertising my event to the public. Also a huge thank you to "Phatt Matt" from 102.9 for being my emcee for the evening. Dennis Turman graciously donated his time to be my auctioneer, and businesses around town loaned me a few things to make the place sparkle! The Bend Elks Lodge made the most delicious chicken dinner where you got at least half a chicken thrown on your plate. I'm almost sad I wasn't able to finish it all before I was up on stage speaking.

As the evening concluded, the 2012 Miss NPRA Emily officially handed me the crown and the new NPRA Vice President John welcomed me to the NPRA. However, we weren't done celebrating so Dave from Star Productions started up the music and the dance began! My brother had to start the Gangnam Style dance but we got an extremely large group out there on the floor. The highlight of dancers was my friend Cody whom I had auctioned off for labor earlier in the evening. I couldn't ask for better friends to help me along the way.

Thank you again to the NPRA, I am so proud to be representing the largest regional rodeo association in the United States!

Sara Marcus
2013 Miss NPRA

Monday, January 14, 2013

January 12, 2013

Has anyone ever heard of Tillamook Cheese? Most likely! Well I made the somewhat short drive with my Coordinator Jean to Tillamook, OR for Terri Jo's coronation as the 2013 Tillamook Rodeo Queen where the infamous cheese is made. I was fortunate to see some familiar and friendly faces such as Katie, the 2012 Tillamook Rodeo Queen, and Callie, the 2011 Tillamook Rodeo Queen, who are both good friends of mine from past years as a rodeo queen myself. Yet there was one woman who is the reason I'm here today and that is Shalaina Joiner, the 2011 Miss NPRA (and past Tillamook Rodeo Queen), whom I am more than happy to see everywhere I go.

The evening began with my advice to Katie on her invocation before dinner, which she NAILED it! I also met some more wonderful rodeo queens who helped out with the live auction. I may add that I carried a microwave around that room for a little while, what a workout! And for a perfect conclusion to the evening, Katie looked stunning as she handed the crown to this years queen T.J., and both of them had the biggest smiles! Congratulations Terri Jo, I cannot wait for "The Biggest Little Show on the Coast" this year! Sara Marcus 2013 Miss NPRA