Monday, July 29, 2013

July 26-28, 2013

Happy Birthday to me! I spent my 21st birthday weekend doing what I love, traveling. I started out in Madras on Friday with the Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo Queen Lindsay and Princess Maddie. I've always loved that little arena! I was eventually talked into running my first donkey race with Kayla, a past Jefferson County Fair and Rodeo Queen, through very little persuasion. I picked out a small, calm looking donkey who seemed like he would go. We both walked in there, Kayla jumped on, and I began towing a donkey that no longer had any desire to move. But we managed to get to the other side first (while I almost got kicked in the face by another donkey)and we were doing great! I hopped on and began kicking and pushing while Kayla ran behind us and pushed him from the rear. Technically, you're not supposed to lead your donkey back, but everyone else did. So technically...we won! In last place.

The next morning, we headed out to Shelton, Washington early for what I thought was a sponsor barbeque. It was...but it was also a surprise birthday party thrown by Julie and Mozell, Miss Teen Rodeo Washington, Beth's, mother, which was a huge surprise for me. Pick up man Glenn couldn't wait for cake once he saw it though and started singing happy birthday before we had even lit the candles for me to blow them out! We had a little tour around the fair and found a pretty cool booth with pink tasers. They were pretty loud and I had the other queens convinced that they were powerful enough to zap you across a room. One day I'll have to go through that training though...yay! Once we got around to rodeo time, I was finally able to sing the National Anthem without the microphone giving out. And while the rodeo was going, I met a young man in the ARMY who told me all about why he misses Missouri and why he doesn't like Washington. His face was pretty funny when I told him I'm not from Washington either :) My coordinator took me out after for a celebratory dinner at Denny's where her granddaughter was convinced that a police officer was my boyfriend (oh goody). She even walked right up and asked them if I was...turned out to be an interesting night.

The next morning we drove over to Long Beach for their rodeo where they didn't have a host queen. I managed to convince Terri Jo, the Tillamook Rodeo Queen, to push cattle with me that day and we spent the whole time in the arena laughing! Everyone was so welcoming in Washington, thank you everyone for such an amazing weekend for my birthday!

Until next time,
Sara Marcus
2013 Miss NPRA

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